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Tune your body

Before telling you what SomaticOrchestra is all about, I have a question for you:

Do you see yourself in one of these situations?

I always feel
tired - stressed out - stiff

You need to find relaxation, harmony in your body, feel more alive, get rid of constant tiredness and stifness

I'd like to work on my emotional awareness

You experience cyclical/
unmanageable emotions or emotional blockage and would like to change that

I'd like to improve the relationship with my body

You'd like to develop patience, trust and love for your body

I don't have time for myself - I'm unable to enjoy things fully - I'm hard on myself

You'd like to work on consistency and self-care, find time for yourself and understanding

I feel drained
or frozen
when I'm with
other people

You'd like to enhance your
self-expression and improve agency and trust in your relationships

I wish I had had the time for artistic expression

You love arts and creativity but you didn't have time for that in the past or you had to give up

Read why SomaticOrchestra might be the right thing for you

We usually take it for granted that our body, movement and perception are the way they are and cannot be changed, so we often look for "antidotes" in order to feel better, but the truth is that in the long run we just reduce the "vocabulary" of our body and emotions, as well as the space for our soothing system.

We become our habits and our habits become us and we tell ourselves "this is the way i am, i can't help it", making it more difficult to change things.

Two things can help us change the situation: creativity and communication

SomaticOrchestra is a pathway that focuses on movement and music to help find harmony in the body and in relationships.

We often think that in order to change our perception of ourselves and things around us we need a “fresh start”, a “revolution”, but starting to love ourselves and our body is not a sudden revelation and it’s not a decision we make: it is a journey where we learn how to trust, because what we need is a long-lasting relationship, not an illusory one.

This pathway helps you re-imagine the emotional perception of your body through arts and creativity as if your body was your special musical instrument that you need to tune.

There are two phases:

Tuning your instrument

Proprioception, relaxation, harmony in the body, liveliness, self-expression and listening to emotions through creative movement.

Tuning instruments together

Non-verbal conversations, artistic experiences, sharing emotions with others

Techniques and Methods: DanceMovement Therapy (Fux method and Chiave Simbolica method), soundbaths, art therapy

Digital pathway start date:

October 2022


Here are the answers to some questions you might be asking yourself

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Email me at wordsoming@gmail.com if you have questions while the digital pathway is still "work in progress"