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Labs & workshops

What is Body-Narrative Practice?

It is an artistic practice that takes care of people’s well-being by working on the connection between body and emotions, personal meaningful stories and transformation through the relationship with others.

It draws on principles and methodologies coming from Dance Movement Therapy, Narrative Practice and Active Music Listening (Music Psychology)

Labs and workshops

Here you can find the labs, workshops and experiences I created. They are both live and digital pathways! If you want to contact me for a live workshop, send me an email at wordsoming@gmail.com If you wish to apply for a digital pathway; in September, Ubiquoteca, School for Creative Empowerment, which will host all the online courses, will open its doors!


The body becomes music

Take care of yourself and restore confidence and harmony in your body through musical movement and artistic proprioception

Coming soon


Embodied storytelling

Explore your meaningful story by embodying literature and tales and living your own adventure

Coming soon


The hidden ones

Get to know your dreams and the symbols that inhabit your imaginative mind in your daily life

Coming soon


with professionals and experts

Workshops in collaboration with creative writing experts, psychotherapists, mindfulness coaches, and more, or schools and institutions

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