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Between words and the body



I'm Federica, welcome to Wordsoming

an online space that is all about taking care

of ourselves and other people's well-being

through the arts: body, music and words

to explore the stories hidden

in our everyday life

what will you find on wordsoming?

Projects and content about self-expression, emotional awareness and healthy relationships and how to nurture them in everyday life with the help of the arts and the transformative power of creativity

So many different stories live within us but it's difficult to help them make their voices heard in everyday life unless we really become aware of our body, its needs and potential

We can learn how to do that, though, by experiencing our self-expression as an art: if we give ourselves the chance to evolve as the artists of our own stories, we can really develop the ability to tune in to ourselves and other people, thus improving the quality of our lives and the life of the society we live in.

curious to know more? find out here:

Contact me: wordsoming@gmail.com