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What do I mean when I say

"Body-Narrative Therapy"?

During the process of coming up with a name for this space, my aim was to convey the idea of a crossroad between the "languages of wellbeing":

This is where Wordsoming comes from: between words and the body (soma)

Our body expresses the trials and changes we went through, it is the place where our stories live, but in order to tune in to these stories we need some tools and a safe space where we can "make experiments".

The tools are:

- awareness of body language and its potential

- access to our narrative imagination and its development

- emotional awarness through music

The safe space is Wordsoming!

Here you can find:


Tuning the body:
creative power of the body and wellbeing


Storytelling and role-writing
for self-awareness


Embodied booktherapy:
literature & body


Music and narration:
active listening, musical storytelling and songtherapy


Honouring the hidden ones:
dreams, myths and symbols