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The person behind Wordsoming is me, Federica Palazzi!

If there's a common thread in my life, that has to be the power of the arts and the stories. Since I was very young, I have studied and researched in order to understand how this power (through literature, music and dance) is inextricably linked to being human and how vital it is for our life.

What I was doing wasn't always clear to me...quite the opposite, to be honest! I have a restless mind and I always question everything, so I wondered for a long time where I was going with all my studies and experiences. I was looking for a "crossroads". I found it when I started to dedicate myself to other people: I observed, listened, with wide eyes and open ears, other people's stories. Working for the others, discovering the right paths to personal and collective wellbeing together, helped me find that crossroads I was so desperately looking for.

On that crossroads now stands Wordsoming, my Body-Narrative Practice project: between words and the body (soma). Here I share the transformative power of the arts so that as many people as possible can integrate it into their lives, I create labs and workshops and collaborate with schools, institutions, professionals. I'd love to have you on board!

  • University of Macerata:Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Languages, Literature and Literary Translation

  • Centro Toscano di Arte e Danzaterapia (Florence): 4-years certified training in Dance Movement Therapy Fux Method and Chiave Simbolica Methos, approved and certified by APID e EADMT (Level I: Dance Movement Practitioner Fux Method; Level II: Expert in Body-Mind techniques; Level III: Master’s in Dance-music-art therapy Chiave Simbolica Method; Level IV – ongoing: applying for  APID member status as DanceMovement Therapist)

  • Conservatorio G.B. Pergolesi, Accademia Annio Giostra, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Berklee Music: Piano, Music Theory, Introduction to Music Psychology, Music Cognition, Songwriting

  • AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali): Diploma in Audience development & engagement for Performing Arts

  • Re-Authoring Teaching: Narrative Practice – Rich Story Development

  • C2 level Cambridge Certificate (English language proficiency): summer schools at London School of Economics and Stafford House (London), St.Margaret’s School and Stafford House (Edinburgh), Embassy (Oxford), CES (Dublin), GMIT (Galway), University of Dundee, University of Northampton, Stafford House (Canterbury), CES (Edinburgh)
  • Secondary schools: teaching + labs (SomaticOrchestra, E-Motion do you bodyspeak?, Rolartist, Bodilit)
  • Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini di Jesi: Social Opera/ Opera H Project (Community Theatre and Dance Movement Therapy)
  • AMAT – Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo: Classico-Contemporaneo Season, Scuola di Platea project
  • Socio-Educational Rehabilitation Centre LaSerra:  “Comunicazione bisogno fondamentale” Project (sciences and arts for wellbeing lab, Dance Movement Therapy module)
  • Associazione Spazio Amelie: SomaticOrchestra Lab
  • Per i Beni Culturali: R. Spezioli Library, Sistema Museo (Museums)