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If you're here then it must mean you'd like to know something more about the real person behind the project, so here I go!

The first steps

I am the person behind Wordsoming: Federica Palazzi, from Marche region (though some of my roots are not in Italy), born in 1992.

First of all, I want to say I am a lucky person: I was born in a family where everyday life was all about different arts and languages.

This is why I've always been passionate about music, dance, reading and writing, foreign languages from an early age.

3 years old: I set foot in a dance school for the very first time. Different story for my music studies: since home had been my music school thus far, only when I was 11 did I start formal education at Conservatorio G.B. Pergolesi.

You can read about my education and experiences with music down here:

  • Diploma in Music theory and solfege (Conservatorio G.B. Pergolesi di Fermo)
  • Piano studies (Conservatorio G.B. Pergolesi and then Accademia Musicale Annio Giostra)
  • Introduction to Music Psychology course (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
  • Self-taught musician in the use of instruments, voice, softwares
  • Live music (solo project, two-piece project, band, ensamble)
  • Music for theatre performances
  • Tailor-made music for online projects
  • Songwriting

"Words are flowing out like endless rain into a papercup..."

After my high school diploma in Classical studies, I concentrated full time on literature, translation and on all of those fascinating, secret mechanisms that make languages a form of art, during the years I spent studying for my

Master's degree in Foreign languages, literature and translation

This choice enables me now to create workshops and lessons where literature and languages go hand in hand with the arts, both in my labs and when I teach English language and literature in secondary schools in my area.

Read about it here:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign languages and cultures (Università di Macerata)
  • Master’s Degree in Languages, cultures and literary translation (Università di Macerata)
  • Cambridge C2 Level certificate (English Language Proficiency)
  • SDL Trados Studio 2017 certificate
  • CLIL methodology
  • Audiovisual translation (subtitles, videogames)
  • English language courses at: London School of Economics & Stafford House (London), St. Margaret’s School & Stafford House (Edinburgh), CES (Edinburgh), Embassy (Oxford), CES (Dublin), GMIT (Galway), University of Dundee, University of Northampton, Stafford House (Canterbury), Language In (London)
  • Group leader for study-holidays in the UK for secondary schools students (New Beetle Viaggi Studio)

English language and literature teacher:

  • Liceo Scientifico T.C. Onesti (2018-2019)
  • I.T.I. G. e M. Montani (2019-2020)
  • Liceo Classico Annibal Caro (2020-2021)


  • “Emotion: do you bodyspeak?” – Liceo Classico Annibal Caro
  • “Rolartist: crea il tuo ruolo” – Liceo Classico Annibal Caro

Arts for people

Straight after graduating, I worked for a while in the field of Cultural Heritage: libraries, museums and theatres. You can read about my experience as "Audience development and engagement for the arts" expert here:

I hold a Audience development & engagement expert after attending the course offered by AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali – Marche Region Association for theatre and arts activities) and ATGTP. 

I worked with AMAT for Classico Contemporaneo season at Teatro dell’Aquila (Fermo), creating workshops, lessons and interviews with the artists (“Macbettu” – Compagnia TeatroPersona, regia Alessandro Serra, “NASS” – Compagnie Massala, ” Romeo e Giulietta” – Tournee da Bar). 

that's when everything changed. a real turning point for me.

I learnt about arts therapies and community arts.

I realised how much each and every one of us needs arts in everyday life, so I started a 4-years training in

DanceMovement Therapy

at Centro Toscano di Arte e Danzaterapia in Florence.

Learn more about it here:

  • DanceMovement Therapy training – 4 years – approved by APID (Italian Professional Association for DanceMovement Therapy, full professional member of EADMT, European Association Dance Movement Therapy): Fux Methodology (I level), Bodymind techniques (II level), Master in Dance-music-art therapy in Chiave Simbolica (III livello), thesis and APID membership (in corso)
  • Postural Gymnastics diploma
  • Dance studies (16 years)
  • DMT and disability: SocialOpera project (Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini), “Comunicazione bisogno fondamentale” project (La Serra day care centre), progetto di danzaterapia presso Nuovo Spazio Studio Danza (Jesi)
  • DMT and school: acting labs (Liceo Scientifico T.C. Onesti, Liceo Classico Annibal Caro), “E-motion: do you bodyspeak?” lab and “Rolartist: crea il tuo ruolo” lab (Liceo Classico Annibal Caro)
  • DMT for everyone: SomaticOrchestra lab (Spazio Amelie)

'Don't stop me now!'

I'm really passionate about studying, researching and deepening my knowledge of new areas so, whilst I work...

What am I involved in at the moment?

I'm attending the Introduction to Music Psychology course at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

I'm learning about Narrative Therapy

...and having fun with music, dance, books, games and medieval archery!